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Prayer Requests





If you have news or updates on any of these people, please let me know.  Also, anyone that should be added.


Don’t Forget the Home bound.  Ina Cole is not totally home bound and can get around some, but she has many health issues which make it difficult for her to come to services. She needs calls, cards and visits. 


In Nursing facilities:  Kate Hembree, she is in the Golden Rule care facility on Hardesty Road, west of Hwy 177. 


Judy Farris is in the Colonial Estates Care Facility. 


Babe Doyle, Alice Morgan’s Dad, lives at Avonlea Cottage room #113, an assisted living facility in Shawnee. The address is 789 Country Grove DR,


Peggy Allen is in an assisted living in Austin, TX.






Please Notice:


The church triesto maintain a selection of walkers (with and without wheels and seats), crutches, canes and wheel chairs that can be loaned and or given to people that need these items. 


We like to have good equipment that will met the need.  If you have such item or come across these items and would like to help with this ministry, please bring the items to the church building or contact Paul Lofton and we will arrange to pick them up. 3-19-18












This is from Mandi Brown Monday;


Justin is slowly improving. Considering what he’s been through over the past week, I would say he’s doing significantly better even though his pain continues to remind him how limited he actually is. This ordeal has been both tough on him physically and mentally. He is able to walk for a few minutes at a time now. This is a blessing. He is worried about being able to make it to a job interview that he had scheduled for this week. Thank you for your continued prayers for Justin and for us as we help him recover.  4-30-18




This is from Jerry Snider last Friday:


Jerry got a message from Doug Warden last night that his wife, Marty, has died suddenly yesterday of a heart blood clot. Doug was the associate minister at Northridge in the early years with Dewayne Thomas.   A few people at Northridge will remember them and would want to know.  We are on a long road trip and are presently in California. 4-30-18




Ruby Draper had cataract surgery Thursday (4/12) on her left eye. She is doing well after the surgery. She will have surgery on her right eye in 2 weeks (4/26).  Please pray for full recovery.  4-23-18




Lois Jones will be having back surgery, but it has not been scheduled at this time. 4-30-18




Alice Morgan dad Babe Doyle is now under Hospice Care and will be living at Shawnee Care Center behind St Anthony’s Hospital in room 401. He turned 95 on April 15. His mind is quite clear, body weakening.  Pray for Babe, Alice and her family. 4-30-18




Carolyn Strickland has had the biopsy and will have the results Monday (4/30) the doctor was encouraging.  Pray that the results of the test will be SO!! 4-30-18




Kelly Childers needs our prayers because of possible cancer. She has had additional test but no results as of yet.4-30-18




Marty Pettyjohn will be having a knee replacement on May 15th pray that her health stays good and for recovery.  4-26-18




Sydney Wood became ill at college and had to propone her finals until she can recover. 4-26-18




Cameron Wood has cast on her lower leg because of a broken ankle. 4-26-18




Cathy Wisdom’s cousin will be having heart surgery on May 30th. 4-30-18
















Jennifer Cartwright, oldest son Ryan went to the doctor to see what would be done for cancer treatment today.  He has had a port installed and begin chemo treatments May 4 every 2 weeks for 6 months. They classified his cancer as a stage 3.  Pray for Ryan and the whole family. 4-23-18




Bill Farris long time member in the Shawnee (now at Lakeview) area has been diagnosed with liver cancer and at this time the doctors are saying that they cannot operate on him. 4-15-18




Wayne and Judy Grisso’s daughter Darci had some good news that last week.  Her tumors have shrunk about 50%.  Give God the praise!!! 4-20-18




Linda Smith is doing well and regaining her strength.  When they removed the bones in her hip for the hip replacement they removed all the cancer.  Linda is cancer free!!!


Of course, they will continue to check her as time goes by.  PRAISE GOD!! 4-2-18




Sue Dickinson just had her checkup and she is cancer free at this time.  The doctor said it will come back at some time, because of the type it is. At this time, they will do nothing and will check her in 3 months and so on.  THANK YOU, LORD,!!  Continue to pray for Sue and Jimmy.  4-2-18




Dorothy Pensoneau our former member, living in Arkansas has improved and will go to a rehab hospital this week. Address for Dorothy Pensoneau is  : 349 Ranchette Village, Searcy,Arkansas  72143  4-9-18




Mary Gentry a former member here had surgery Thursday (3/21)! They found cancer in her pancreas, liver and small intestine! They will administer chemo later. Thanks for all prayers as she Endures this painful ordeal! 3-22-18




Rick McCaslin’s uncle Ted has been diagnosed with cancer. 4-15-18




Wayne and Judy Grisso’s daughter Darci had some good news that last week.  Her tumors have shrunk about 50%.  Give God the praise!!! 4-20-18




Curtis Hoover, his wife's name is Dale. Has two daughters and five grandchildren. A teacher at a local high school in Amarillo. He has stage four lung cancer; the cancer has reduced in size. He has been at M D Anderson for treatment.  He is now doing better, battle goes on.   They are Christian people and believe in the power of prayer and know that God has a plan. 4-2-18














Ina Cole has several in her family that are having health difficulties. She asks for prays for her and her family.  4-23-18




Mark Smith is at home Friday (4/13) afternoon. His back is better.  They examined his knee and it is bone on bone but did not do surgery at this time.  4-20-18




Kay Lofton had back surgery Monday 4/16 and came home Thursday. She is doing much better but was told to take it easy for the next two weeks. 4-23-18




Mandi Brown father, Fred Edens, who is a preacher at the Pineview COC in Searcy just found out that he has an Aortic Aneurysm on top of the fact that he currently has Pneumonia. He is feeling better, getting over the pneumonia slowly.  Mandi said that he was in better spirits, He needs our prays. 4-10-18




Bill Gregory had a stroke on Wednesday and is at St. Anthony’s in OKC. 4-13-18




Walt Cartwright, is still recovering from his illness’s   They need our praye-15-18




Polly Killings provider, Anna Mahue had a heart attack please pray for her recovery.  Please pray that they find another provider for Polly. 4-13-18




Polly Killing request prays for her health and for the peace and harmony of the people that live in the high-rise apartments where she lives.  4-13-18




Marty Pettyjohn needs prays for health recovery.  4-13-18




James Woods mother is in the hospital in the Dallas area.  She has congestive heart failure which means that liquid is collecting around her lungs and heart and she has a blood clot. James said that 3 liters of fluid was removed last week. 4-2-18




Polly Killing is now back at her apartment. She is confined to a wheel chair and cannot bind her right leg. (telephone #405-617-8778). She needs assistants with meals and transportation. If you can help please let us know. 4-12-18




Floyd Davis had his back operated on 2 weeks ago today and he said that the back is doing fine, except for the 13 staples where the incision was made. He has fallen a couple of times and his left knee is causing a lot of pain.  4-9-18




Janice Wall and former member here is requesting prayers for her husband he has pneumonia and he is now recovering at home. 3-26-18




Lois Jones is still having health problems and she is asking for prayers.  4-15-18




Gary Smith’s kidneys are not working well, and he is very close to having to do dialysis.   4-15-18




Tye suffered another stroke last week when they were rear ended while in their car, this makes 3 strokes.  Hayley Gibson’s cousin, April’s husband Tye,(in his thirties) is looking at a year of rehab to recover from his stroke.. Please pray for Tye's full recovery (their kids are 2 and 4) and pray for April. 3-12-18




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